About us

About EMRO

EM Research Organization, Inc. (EMRO) was founded along with philosophy of Teruo Higa, the developer of EM Technology™, to fulfill his dream ‘a reviving type of society of co-existence and co-prosperity’ through the promotion of sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. EMRO is the only organization in charge of management of all of the intellectual properties related to EM Technology™ including its know-how, trademarks and patent rights all over the world.

EMRO carries out research and development of cultivation technology of Effective Microorganisms™ with priority given to lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria. EMRO is also dedicated in the study of fermentation with the use of microorganisms and of production of antioxidative materials as well as quality control of EM™ products.

EM•1® is produced in 56 countries at present. We support our partners by sending our technicians as an occasion to a technical instruction in selection of raw materials, control of the manufacturing process, quality control and application of EM•1®. Joint development with the spread of EM Technology™, numerous EM-related products were developed in various fields of industry. EMRO has been making positive efforts in product development by applying the know-how gained from years of experience in research and development of EM Technology™. We will continually try hard to develop new products that meet the demands of the society.