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Dango Würfel (Switzerland)

Dango Würfel helps to decompose sludge and controls algae in swimming pools, fish ponds, biotope, etc.


Please contact the following company to find out more details.

Local Contact: EM Schweiz AG

EMIKO® Bio Teichpflege (Germany)

EMIKO_BioTeichpflegeA well looked after pond is the pride and joy of everyone who owns a garden. However, ponds and fish tanks are sensitive ecological systems and are easily upset through a wide range of environmental influences. Murky water, increased algae formation, and disease-prone fish are the result.


EMIKO® Bio Teichpflege contains selected, useful EM Effective Microorganisms® in high concentration, which contribute to regenerating and maintaining the vitality of water, plants, and living things.





With EMIKO® Bio Teichpflege we offer you an environmentally friendly, natural, and sustainable solution for a stable pond ecosystem.

1.Improved water quality
2.Support for positive pond microorganisms
3.Suppression of disease-causing microorganisms
4.Promotion of the health of the fish
5.Quick decomposition of organic and inorganic compounds.
6.Increase of filter performance through effective decomposition of waste products.
7.Reduction of ground sediments and mud
8.The use of chemical water treatment products can be minimized.

Local Contact: EMIKO Handelsgesellschaft GmbH