Our partners around the world understand not only techniques to deal with EM™ but also ‘creating a society based on co-existance and co-prosperity’, the fundamental philosophy of EM Technology™, proposed by Dr.Higa.
EMRO believes that our partners are reliable and trustworthy enough to deeply engage in diffusion of EM Technology™ throughout all the country around with the concept of ‘creating a society based on co-existance and co-prosperity’, based on the relationship of mutual trust EMRO has been establishing with them.

EMRO gives, after looking up their annual activity, the partners a certificate of authenticity, which is supposed to be renewed annually, with which the partners can use an assigned certification mark for their business.

In addition, EMRO asks the partners to provide a sample of their products with EM Certification Marks for Products. EMRO checks the validity of the products for EM Certification.