EM Technology™ was developed by Dr.Higa in 1982. Since then, various ways of research and development has been continuously made by Dr. Higa and EMRO under his instruction.

Multiplication technique for EM™ are open to public according to Dr. Higa’s philosophy; ‘creating a society based on co-existence and co-prosperity’ so as for people to easily realize a safe and high-yielding cultivation with a reasonable price. While this disclosure brought a big profit to those engaged in agriculture, loads of counterfeit products of EM™ were flooded all over the world, which has been a big problem for customers to get the proper EM™.

The subtle balance of microbial mixture in EM™ can be easily lost without a proper manufacturing process and this loss directly affects the quality of the product.  In this sense, the flood of the counterfeit products obviously discourages customers who work hard to live up to sustainable agriculture.

EMRO strongly believes that it is our obligation to keep eyes on the counterfeiting of EM™ products and avoid any confusion in market so that customers can keep away from the counterfeit products on the market and make good use of authentic EM Technology™.

Accordingly, EMRO introduced application of EM Certification Marks in 2011, with which the products are certified as an authentic EM™, manufactured in utilization of authentic EM Technology™ instructed by Dr.Higa.